Hello friend(s),

My name is Cameron Philgreen. I'm the owner and operator of Surveyor Creative. I'm also married to the lovely lady you see on the left, Danielle.

We try our best to do everything with excellence.

We have a passion for photography and videography, and we love using these mediums to tell stories.

If you have a story you need told in a creative and memorable way, or even if you just have questions, click contact!

If you want to hire us, click contact. We love to travel. You can take us anywhere.

You can email too, but no matter what, you should contact us.

If you're still reading, here's some things about me: I love Jesus. I love people. I'm also a huge fan of music, art, rock climbing, craft coffee, craft beer, roller coasters, campfires, guitar, [uncommonly large] Chipotle burritos, sushi, and entrepreneurship, among other things.