We are truly excited to share about us, and to get to know you.

We are Cameron & Danielle. A kind of quirky married couple from opposite ends of the country. Our full time job is photography & videography and we are passionate about what we do.

Our hearts are to honor and love people the best we can, before & after their wedding day, no matter what that looks like. If we can get time with you, then we would love it! We are major extroverts and love getting to know the hearts of the people we will (hopefully) get to work with.

Both of us shoot photo & video and will commonly shoot up to two weddings a day. We love working together, but can still crush the game separately.

Currently we live in Waco, TX, but our location never inhibits us. We travel and shoot world-wide and plan to be nomadic for as long as possible.

If you’re reading this, you are probably hoping to know more about the heart behind our company & how we view photography & videography as a means to tell a story.

So here you have it…

We know you want to hire people you can trust. Your wedding day is one of vulnerability & intimacy.

We believe that's what brought you here.  You're looking for photographers, videographers, DJs, florists, bartenders and caterers that you can TRUST & feel comfortable with.

At Surveyor Creative we have built a team of trustworthy, servant-hearted people and we want to make your day a success by serving you the best we can.

We use photography & videography to try and capture each and every moment throughout your wedding day in an artistic format. This may mean that the photos are less traditional & more photo journalistic.

Our goal is to capture the authentic moments that take place on your wedding day in hopes to reflect the wild love you share & the story that was made. All while making you feel as comfortable as possible.