Our Contractors

These are some of the fine folks you will be interacting with when you hire us.

Photographer / Videographer / Editor: Cameron Philgreen

Cameron is the owner and operator of Surveyor Creative. He produces stunning work, which you can see on this site. He is usually the one communicating behind the scenes, answering emails, calling folks, etc. You can see some of his work on his Instagram.

Photographer / Videographer / Editor: Danielle Philgreen

Danielle is the brains, the design-fiend, the aesthete. She is also one heck of a wife. She is a huge reason why Surveyor Creative has seen success. See some of her work on Instagram.

Photographer: Liz Rudman

Liz is one of the best around. She is outlandishly kind and she produces amazing work. You can some of this work on her website.

Photographer: Aleah Milliner

Aleah is a good friend and an amazing photographer. She has helped on several projects with us. See some of her amazing work on her Instagram.

Videographer: Daniel Christopher

Daniel is a good friend, and trusted artist. He produces excellent work, and has the resources to get the job done. See some of his work on his Instagram.

Photographer / Videographer: Andrew Shepherd.

Andrew runs Lost Fox Collective.  He has worked on several films and currently works as a freelance photographer and videographer. He is a rad dude. And he owns an awesome drone with which he frequently captures sweet footage. Check out his Vimeo page.