6 / 10 / 2016

Praise God for amazing people like these. This was one of the most fun, life-giving weddings I've ever shot. These two exuberant humans, along with all of their bridesmaids and groomsmen, made June 10th, 2016 one for the books. Their photos didn't turn out half bad either!

I gave these photos a more traditional edit, considering the vibrant primary colors and the personality of the day and location.

I hope you enjoy them immensely.

Thanks Liz Rudman Photography for your help.

A video highlight of this wedding from Surveyor Creative also coming soon on our Vimeo page.

Wedding info:

Photography: Cameron and Liz from Surveyor Creative

Videography: John and Alyssa from Surveyor Creative

Hair - Jenna from Beauty Brands

Makeup - Kim Ackely 

Venue - The Rhapsody

Floral - Hyvee

Cake - Hyvee

Catering - Hyvee

Drink - Top Shelf